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Jul. 20th, 2020


Updated: 25.07.10

Hai, minna-sama.. =)
Welcome to my LJ yea.. ^^
Kei Minase is here. *yea, it's a nicku if you're wandering, I got it from those Japanese name generator found in facebook LOL* Call me Kei, Hippo *that how I often called at school don't know why =_="* or however you want it to be.. ♥
Well...It's been 2 weeks since I first sign up at LJ..LOL. Now I finally got my heads around LJ, yeah, I understand it now. *big grins*
Anyhow, it's not the point here ryte?? LOL.. I know some people feel uneasy when they got added by someone whose origins are unclear...and since I love to add people's LJ whom I think are interesting, I don't wanna to scare you guys so here it goes about me: 
I LOVE: JAPAN and anything that's living inside it!! :P manga, anime, drama, music, fashion, culture and its language too!!
For a while now, I've been in love with JE boys especially NEWS, Hey! Say! JUMP and KAT-TUN.. I will never, never, never get enough of them!!! *a while means: around a year XD* And I also love YUI, Yuna Ito, Shimizu Shota and AAA.. hehe..
I LOVE: READING URBAN FANTASY NOVEL.. Those novel covering  vampire, fairy and those other bizarre creatures - I LAVVV!!
I BEGIN TO LIKE: KOREA after I watched HYD Korean version, You're Beautiful and The Great Queen Seon Deok not so long ago.. =) and For K-Pop, I'm in love with DBSK and 4minute.. XD *yea, I'm apparently new to this world so I will be in need of your guidance friends.. =)*
More importantly fellas, I won't bite so don't be scared of adding me as your friend. ♥
Soo you, you, you who are J-World and K-World fans, LET'S BE FRIEND!!! hehe..
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!
Arigatoo neee~~


Jul. 26th, 2010


I don't know why today I happened to be feeling so moody.. :( My heart is clouded with uncertainities, anger and guilt. Hm. I wonder why.
Anyhow, I don't know what else to write since I also have no idea where does my gloomy-ness come from, so that's is for now.. ehe ^^v
*okay, this is random lol*
Hope it gets better soon thou.. I mean, it's not like I love being in this state ~ I  basically despise it because this state means I cannot talk normally and none of the school's lesson get into my freakin' head.. bweh.. X(

~ Kei Minase